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YRKK Wound Rotor Induction Motor 10KV

YRKK Wound Rotor Induction Motor 10KV

  • YRKK Wound Rotor Induction Motor 10KV
  • YRKK Wound Rotor Induction Motor 10KV
YRKK Wound Rotor Induction Motor 10KV
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: THMotor
Certification: CE
Model Number: T 7000
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1set
Price: USD 20000-100000
Packaging Details: Seaworthy packing
Delivery Time: 70DAYS
Supply Ability: 100SET/YEAR
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Detailed Product Description
Product Name: YRKK Wound Rotor Induction Motor High Voltage AC Motor 10KV Power Range: 1000-12000kw
Voltage: 3kv-11kv Speed Range: 1000rpm-1500rpm
Poles: 4,6 Frequency: 50hz,60hz
Cooling Method: IC37,IC81W IP Rate: IP44,IP54,IP55
High Light:

YRKK Wound Rotor Induction Motor 10KV


High Voltage AC Motor 10KV


YRKK 10kv motor

YRKK winding rotor high voltage three-phase asynchronous motor 10KV


PRODUCT NAME: YRKK Wound Rotor Induction Motor High Voltage AC Motor 10KV POWER RANGE: 1000-12000kw
VOLTAGE: 3kv-11kv SPEED RANGE: 1000rpm-1500rpm
POLES: 4,6 FREQUENCY: 50hz,60hz


YRKK series high-voltage three-phase asynchronous motors have the advantages of compact structure, light weight, high efficiency, energy saving, low noise, low vibration, high reliability, long service life, convenient installation and maintenance, etc.

This series of motors is suitable for driving all kinds of fans, compressors, water pumps, crushers, chip machine tools, transportation machinery and other general machinery and other mechanical equipment. For motors, such as motors used to drive blowers, coal mills, rolling mills, hoists, and belt conveyors, relevant technical data must be provided when ordering, and a technical agreement must be signed as the basis for special design of the motor to ensure the reliable operation of the motor .

Structural features

The motor adopts a box-shaped structure, and the frame is welded into a box-shaped structure from steel plates, which is light in weight and good in rigidity. There is a window on the top of the base, which is convenient for the maintenance of the motor on the one hand, and on the other hand, installing different coolers on the top can derive motors with different cooling methods and different protection levels.

The stator adopts an external pressure structure, the stator winding adopts F-class insulating material, the winding ends are reliably fixed and bound, and are treated by vacuum pressure impregnation solvent-free paint (VPI), so the motor has good insulation performance, high mechanical strength, moisture-proof Strong capability and long service life.

The winding rotor is treated with F-class insulating material and vacuum pressure impregnation solvent-free paint process VPI, and the rotor welding head and the wiring are all reliably insulated.

The bearing adopts two forms of rolling bearing and sliding bearing, which are determined by the power and speed of the motor. The protection level is IP54. The rolling bearing is equipped with a non-stop oil injection and discharge device.

The main junction box is placed on the right side of the motor (viewed from the shaft extension end), or it can be placed on the left side according to user requirements. There are separate grounding terminals inside and outside the junction box.

According to user requirements, temperature measurement devices can be added to important parts such as stator windings and bearings to facilitate on-site observation and long-distance monitoring to ensure safe and reliable operation of the motor.

standard used

GB 755 Rotating Electric Machines Rating and Performance
GB/T 997 Classification of structure type, installation type and junction box position of rotating electrical machines (IM code)
GB/T 1993 cooling method for rotating electrical machines
GB/T 4772.2 Dimensions and output power levels of rotating electrical machines - Part 2: Frame size 355-1000 and flange size 1180-2360 (idtIEC 60072-2:1990)
GB/T 4942.1 Protection class of the overall structure of rotating electrical machines (IP code) (idt IEC60034-5:2000)
GB 10068 Mechanical vibration of motors with a shaft center height of 56mm and above - Measurement, evaluation and limit values ​​of vibration
GB/T 10069.1 Noise Determination Methods and Limits of Rotating Electric Machines Part 1: Determination Methods of Rotating Electric Machine Noise
GB 10069.3 Noise Determination Methods and Limits of Rotating Electric Machines Part 3: Noise Limits


Voltage level and frequency
The rated voltage of the motor is 10kV and the rated frequency is 50Hz.
Insulation class and temperature rise limit
The insulation heat classification of the motor is 155, and the temperature rise is assessed according to 130.
Bearing structure
The bearing structure includes rolling bearing and sliding bearing structure. For the specific structure, please refer to the data table of appearance and installation dimensions. The normal product of sliding bearing structure is forced lubrication, and it can also be made into self-lubricating according to needs.
Protection class
The protection level of the motor is IP54 or IP55, and the protection level of the collector ring is IP23.
cooling method
The cooling method of the motor is IC611.
Types of weather protection and environmental conditions of use
Humid heat type, climate protection place (TH);
Dry heat type, climate protected place (TA);
Tropical type, with climate protection place (T);
Under normal circumstances, it is a Y-shaped connection.
cable entry
The motor is provided with rubber sheathed cable devices under normal conditions, and steel pipe wiring devices or armored cable devices can be provided according to user needs.
work schedule
The working system is S1 continuous working system.
Performance Metric Tolerance
Efficiency η: -10% (1-η)
Power factor cosφ: -(1-cosφ)/6
Minimum absolute value 0.02
Maximum absolute value 0.07
Maximum torque: -10% of the guaranteed torque value


Field operating conditions
1 The normal motor altitude does not exceed 1000m.
2 The maximum ambient air temperature does not exceed +40°C.
3 The minimum ambient air temperature should not be lower than -15℃, and the minimum ambient air temperature of the motor with sliding bearing should not be lower than 0℃.
4 Tolerance values ​​of voltage and frequency


The motor can operate continuously within ±5% of the rated value and within ±2% of the rated value, and achieve its basic functions, but its performance may show some differences from the rated voltage and frequency, and the temperature rise May be higher than rated voltage and frequency.
The motor can operate within ±10% of the rated value and within +3% to -5% of the rated value, and realize its basic functions, but its performance may show some differences with the rated voltage and frequency. Temperature rise may be higher than rated voltage and frequency.
The remaining electrical operating conditions of the motor are in accordance with GB755.


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