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ZSN4 DC Motor Drive Cement Rotary Kiln DC Motor IC37 IC81W

ZSN4 DC Motor Drive Cement Rotary Kiln DC Motor IC37 IC81W

  • ZSN4 DC Motor Drive Cement Rotary Kiln DC Motor IC37 IC81W
  • ZSN4 DC Motor Drive Cement Rotary Kiln DC Motor IC37 IC81W
ZSN4 DC Motor Drive Cement Rotary Kiln DC Motor IC37 IC81W
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: THMotor
Certification: CE
Model Number: T 7000
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1set
Price: USD 20000-100000
Packaging Details: Seaworthy packing
Delivery Time: 70DAYS
Supply Ability: 100SET/YEAR
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Detailed Product Description
Product Name: ZSN4 DC Motor Drive Cement Rotary Kiln DC Motor Power Range: 1000-12000kw
Voltage: 3kv-11kv Speed Range: 1000rpm-1500rpm
Poles: 4,6 Frequency: 50hz,60hz
Cooling Method: IC37,IC81W IP Rate: IP44,IP54,IP55
High Light:

Cement Rotary Kiln DC Motor IC37


ZSN4 Cement Rotary Kiln DC Motor


ZSN4 DC Motor drive

ZSN4 Series Cement Rotary Kiln Main Drive DC Motor 

Rated power: 40kw - 355KW
Rated voltage: Normal 220V, 400V, 440V, 660V
Speed: 750RPM/1000RPM/1500RPM
Protection class: IP21S
Cooling method: IC01/IC06/IC17/IC37
Insulation class: F

1. Features and uses:
ZSN4 series DC motor is a new product developed by our factory on the basis of Z4 DC motor and according to the working conditions of the main drive of the rotary kiln in the cement plant.
This series of motors adopts a polygonal structure with high space utilization. The stator yoke is a laminated type, which is suitable for rectifier power supply and can withstand the working conditions of pulsating current and rapid current change (load change). The insulation grade of the motor is F, and the reliable insulation structure and impregnation process are adopted to ensure stable insulation performance and good heat dissipation. According to the specific working conditions of the cement rotary kiln, it is designed and manufactured so that the starting torque of the motor can reach 2.5 times the rated torque. Aiming at the dusty environment of the cement plant, the cooling method of duct ventilation is adopted to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the motor in the harsh environment with large dust.
The external installation dimensions of this series of motors conform to the IEC72 international standard except for the axial dimension "B" between the two bottom corner holes.
Motor performance:
1. The motor should be rated to work under the following conditions of use:
1.1. The altitude shall not exceed 1000m.
1.2. The temperature of the cooling medium entering the motor should not exceed 40℃.
1.3. The motor is in continuous duty system (S1).
1.4. The motor armature circuit and excitation are powered by the static power supply, and can also be powered by a DC generator set.
1.5. For the motor with duct ventilation and cooling, the air volume and air pressure should meet the requirements in the following table, and the air inlet is on the end cover on the non-commutator side of the motor.
Frame size Air volume (m3/h) Static pressure (Pa)
ZSN4-225 2880 1400
ZSN4-250 3000 1400
ZSN4-280 4000 1600
ZSN4-315 4680 1600
ZSN4-355 5200 1600

2. The motor insulation class is F class.
3. The rated voltage of the motor armature is 440V, and 400V, 220V or other voltages can also be derived according to user requirements: low armature voltage is constant torque speed regulation, under the condition of continuous armature current, the minimum speed of the motor can reach 20r/ mm, the rated torque can still be maintained at this time, and the speed is stable.
4. The rated excitation voltage of the motor is 180V, and other excitation voltages can also be derived. To ensure reliable insulation of the excitation system, when disconnecting the excitation circuit, a release resistor should be connected in parallel at both ends of the excitation winding to prevent self-induced potential. When the excitation voltage is 180-220V, its value is about 7 times the cold resistance value of the excitation winding. If the excitation voltage is 320 ~ 370V, its value is about 5 times.
5. The efficiency value in the technical data sheet is the efficiency at rated power, rated voltage and rated speed, it includes the excitation loss, but does not include the power required by the ventilation device.
6. The ZSN4-225 motor does not have compensation windings, but has series excitation windings.
7. The motor is provided with a terminal with a grounding mark.
8. The performance of this series of motors conforms to the requirements of national standards GB755-87; JB6316-92; IEC34-1.

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